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Whatís Involved?

There are commitments you will have to make in order to start a real estate career.In order to get your license, you must be prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time in the real estate course.There may be financial commitments as well.

†††† You may also want to decide if this career is for you.Donít make assumptions here.You may be better suited for a real estate career than you think.There are many different personality types that have successful real estate careers.There are opportunities to branch out in many different directions.There are, however, some traits you should possess or learn.You must have the discipline to do the work.In most cases you will be an independent contractor, meaning if you donít work, you wonít get paid.Different individuals will have different levels of success, but if you work, you can succeed.

†††† One of the smartest things you can do if you are thinking about a career in real estate is to make an appointment to sit down and talk with a manager of a real estate company.Ask lots of questions about what is involved.Information will be different in different locations, so itís best to meet with someone in the area where you are planning to work.Even expenses can vary from county to county.

†††† You can also ask what your expenses will be when working for that company, but donít necessarily assume cheaper is better.One new agent a few years ago started her career with a company that didnít belong to any professional organization or multiple listing service.Her expenses were almost non-existent.So was her ability to work with buyers and sellers.Now sheís working for a company that has the framework of support to allow her to succeed.

†††† Ask the manager what they will do to help you get started.Are there training classes after you get your license, or are you thrown to the wolves?Will the manager check your work in your early transactions?Are they available to answer questions when you need help?

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