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Winter Maintenance and Safety

With the onset of winter, it's a good idea to take steps to prepare. Your house, vehicle and family can all benefit from planning ahead. Simple maintenance can help you avoid the expense of major repairs. Having the right items on hand can prevent health issues and injuries. If you have not had your chimney inspected since the August, 2011 earthquake, it would be a good idea to have it done before you use your fireplace. While there was little obvious damage in the area, your home may have experienced hidden damage. Near record-breaking rainfall could have caused foundation and mold problems that could get worse in the wintertime.



Your home is probably your most valuable investment. When you think about what you could possibly lose, you realize it's worth it to pay a little money now to prevent costly damage later on.

  Clean & inspect gutters and downspouts to avoid ice damage
  Seal cracks & openings to keep out insects, mice and other pests
  Call BGE at 410-685-0123 to trim branches away from power lines
  Remove snow from outside stairwells & window wells
  Keep snow away from walls
  Insulate exposed outside pipes
  Address weather damage immediately to avoid severe water
   damage & mold
  If you go away, leave the heat on at least 55 degrees.
  Seal driveways, patios and decks


Even simple steps can add up to a lot of money. Lowering your thermostat just one degree can save you three percent on your heating bill. You can save significantly more by lowering the temperature while you are at work and when you are sleeping.

  Install a programmable thermostat
  Lower the pre-set temperature on your hot water heater
  Buy a jacket for an older water heater
  $500 in upgraded insulation can save 20% on your heating
  Install storm windows or cover the inside with clear plastic
  Close the damper on your fireplace when not in use
  Keep curtains open during the day to let in sunlight
  Close curtains & blinds at night for more insulation
  Keep closet doors closed to reduce the area being heated


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